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Why Can’t We Wholesale Cheap Eyelash Products (Low Quality Products)?

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1. The sample eyelashes you purchased for the first time may not be of the same quality as the products you purchased in bulk later!
2. The sample eyelash styles you buy may be very different from the eyelash styles you buy in bulk!
3. You feel very hard to buy cheap eyelashes. Your customer will wear a wire after wearing it. I believe he will never buy your product again.
4. The eyelashes you buy are asymmetric, because the price is low, in order to ensure the cost, the supplier will not pick out the defective products at all. It will be mixed with the genuine products and sold to you!

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5. The hair ends of the eyelashes you purchased are not consistent with the hair roots, and they are very unsightly to wear!
6. The hair of the eyelashes you buy will fall off because it is made of cheap glue from a commercial supplier!

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7. The eyelashes you buy smell chemically. This is the smell of a permanent wave. This is a carcinogen!
8. The products you buy are made by manual and semi-automatic machines. You can make more than 100 pairs a day. Our products are handmade by workers. Only 10 pairs can be made a day. What do you think is the difference between making 100 pairs of products and 10 pairs of products in one day?


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We certainly will not have these phenomena in the shortcomings of the above products, because we have corrected all these defects in two years. Of course, because we have fixed these defects, the cost of our products is several times higher than the cost of low-quality eyelash products, and the price will be correspondingly higher.

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