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How do You Choose the Best Eyelashes From Calvin Lashes?

How do You Choose the Best Eyelashes From Calvin Lashes?

If you want to start your eyelash business and want to do it for a long time, you must choose high quality eyelashes and Best Wholesale Eyelash Vendors.We are professional Wholesale Lashes Vendor we have helped many customers start eyelash business, I will introduce how to choose the best eyelashes

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1 Look for lashes carefully

First, Look At The Structure Of The Eyelashes.

The shape of good eyelashes is designed by the world’s most professional designers according to the structure of flowers.And according to the shape of people’s eyes and face eyelashes design more beautiful.

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Second, Look At The Tip Of Your Eyelashes.

Inferior eyelashes do not have sharp hair.First, they are made of inferior raw materials, which are very cheap and have not been selected.Second, the operation of the workers is very poor.

Due to the unfamiliar operation of the workers, the hair is damaged in the process of placing the hair, and they continue to use it.And the inferior lashes has not passed the quality inspection to circulate in the market.However, our high-end eyelash raw materials are selected by our workers one by one.The hair tip is very sharp and perfect.Our workers after the production of eyelashes, but also through strict quality inspection, quality inspection is not allowed to leave the factory.

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Third, Look At The Density Of Eyelashes

Good eyelashes are very fluffy, soft, and the density is very uniform, and the density pattern is more perfect.However, inferior quality eyelashes have different density and structure, which makes them look cheap.

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Wholsale Mink Lash Vendor

Fourth, Look At The Appearance Of Eyelashes

Only the high-end eyelashes look very beautiful, fashionable, very realistic, giving people a sense of luxury. Feeling good about high-end eyelashes is the key to luxury eyelashes, making women around the world more beautiful, attractive and confident.

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2 Smell Eyelashes

Inferior eyelash, can have the taste of chemical liquid medicine, this kind of eyelash is very big to the harm of the eye.It may cause skin allergy, infection, and even skin ulceration. In severe cases, it may cause blindness.Some poor quality eyelashes may not be good or bad by smelling the smell, you can use warm water, but we do not recommend using this method, because it will damage the eyelashes.

However, our Wholesale Mink  Eyelashes are tasteless, non-irritating, very green and healthy.We use physical high temperature sterile sterilizing method, harmless to the body, very suitable for pregnant women and people with sensitive skin.which will give you a very favorable wholesale price and take you to enjoy the top eyelashes in the world.

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3  Asking about customer experience

First, you order eyelash samples for your friends and family to try out. Don’t post anything about eyelashes yet, and ask your friends and family to give you detailed feedback. Our high-end eyelashes, customer feedback has been very good.

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4  Touch Your Eyelashes

First, feel the eyelashes to see if they are smooth and supple.Poor quality eyelashes are very coarse and not very supple.

Second, feel the materials. You can touch mink  eyelashes and your hair,and the two feeling is the same.

Third, feel the eyelash band.If you pull the eyelash band, what is very soft and smooth is our high-end eyelash.It conforms to the ergonomic structure and has a certain radian. It is very flexible.However, poor quality eyelashes, the middle of the eyelash stem is not smooth, there are several partitions.

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