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How To Modify The Address After Your Order Is Shipped?

How To Modify The Address After Your Order Is Shipped?

In order to allow our customers to receive orders for our Mink Eyelashes, Custom Packaging, Tweezers, and Glue faster, we have a friendly cooperation with FedEx, our courier can be shipped globally, usually 4-5 after shipment You can reach the United States within one business day, and other countries outside the United States can take up to 5-8 business days. In order to meet market demand and provide better mink eyelash services for our customers, FedEx has introduced a newly developed function, our customers can change the delivery address again after the order is shipped!

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First, after delivery, our company will send the FedEx billing number to our customers. Customers can query the location information of the goods through the express number we submitted

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Second, after the order is shipped, we will prompt the customer that the order has been issued through the delivery system. If the customer cannot work at the receiving address to sign the order within a short time due to work or other reasons, then the customer can use the email address provided when ordering Address modification order. As shown in the figure, the customer can modify the delivery address by clicking the “manage your delivery” option, so that our customers can more easily sign the order, avoiding the inability to sign the order in time because of factors such as being too far from the delivery address

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