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Our Custom Packaging Production Process

How do we produce beautiful custom eyelash packaging for our customers?

custom lash packaging

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Step 1: eyelash box design
This part is based on scientific software.
The planner decides the product direction, the designer takes the lead in the design content, and then operates, Outlines, draws and renders the design composition diagram and effect diagram of the packaging box through graphic design software such as Adobe illuminate or Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Indesign and Corel CorelDraw, or three-dimensional design software such as Maxon Cinema 4D, Autodesk 3dsMax, Autodesk Maya, etc.

custom eyelash box

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Step 2: material preparation.
The preparation of packaging materials includes the preparation and purchase of basic materials for packaging such as paperboard, glass, metal and plastic, and auxiliary materials such as adhesives and cutting materials.

eyelash packaging custom

Step 3: package printing.
This step is the key step of packaging landing, the design drawings given by the designer, under the operation of the packaging machine, batch printing production, currently there are mainly offset printing, flexo printing, gravure printing and other processes.
Of course, rigorous packaging production before the batch production must be carried out proofing pilot, some design effect or proofing effect is not satisfactory, substandard, there are many communications, repeated design modification.

eyelashes box wholesale

Step 4: package and trim.
Packaging finishing is a packaging product upgrade to further improve the appearance of packaging. Ordinary printing has been unable to meet the aesthetic level of contemporary people, so, more and more packaging finishing, decoration, decoration technology gradually mature.
At present, the common packaging finishing process is: glazing, hot stamping, convex, composite, mounting, after these procedures, packaging will become more beautiful and generous, beautiful colorful.

custom lash packaging

Step 5: Die cutting.
This step has reached the final stage of packaging molding. Through the process of grooving, slitting, cross-cutting, compounding, slitting, etc. on the printed packaging template, the packaging boxes, bags, boxes, etc. are gradually formed. Some of the packaging boxes can be directly produced by a printing slotting machine, which is objective in efficiency, but special ones such as tray-type cardboard boxes, except for slotting, still need to be die-cutted as a carton.
Of course, in the end, manual or mechanical folding is necessary, and the finishing work such as folder folding is performed with a folder gluing machine and an adhesive.

eyelash packaging wholesale

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