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Seven Error Methods Used in Mascara

Long eyelashes is very beautiful, painted mascara, more beautiful. Mascara painted well, can be scored for the value of the paint, painted bad, but will reduce the value of Yan. In the process of using mascara, pay attention to these wrong methods.

Mascara is one of the beauty tools that you need to draw when applying eye makeup. The correct use of mascara, your eye makeup can be more perfect, but if the wrong use of mascara, then your makeup effect will be greatly reduced. After all, what are some common misunderstanding mascara? The following is a specific introduction.

Wrong way to use mascara

1, In the tube up and down suddenly pulled lashes brush head

Excess air in the tube causes the mascara to peel off – this also makes the mascara on your brush peel easily and can not be used anytime soon. Should try to quit this bad habit.

2, Brush mascara from the upper eyelashes

As mascara dipped in mascara, if you start brushing from the upper lashes, often “flies legs” effect. So, it is best to brush from the roots of lashes. Brush lashes, the line of sight will have to move forward, from the roots to the tip brush mascara, with “Z” approach helps curly lashes. You can repeat brushing twice to three mascara in order to get the desired density.

3, Frequent mascara

Many people are keen on getting mascara frequently in order to guarantee the thickness of mascara. Everyone knows that pumping back and forth will bring more air into the mascara tube, making the mascara dry faster, affecting its quality and making it easier Caking and peeling off. When you pull out the mascara stick, remove it by turning it around and then scrape the excess mascara over the edge of the nozzle. In general, the amount of time is enough to brush all the eyelashes.

4, With the old mascara

In order to avoid infection, mascara should be replaced regularly, preferably every 6 months. In addition to health factors, the new mascara is not prone to caking phenomenon, the effect is more ideal.

5, Did not consider their own eye type

Mascara can play the role of beautifying the shape of the eye. If your two eyes are more open points, it is best to increase the amount of mascara in the inner corner of the eye, or less in the end of the eyebrow brush mascara. If your eyes are close, then it is best to add more mascara to the end of the eye.

6, Do not brush eyelashes roots

If you use mascara carefully brushing the roots of eyelashes, your makeup technology to a higher level. Let’s try it out “If you do not apply mascara at the base of your eyelashes, your eyelashes will look shorter than they actually are.”

7, With too much power

Too hard to brush eyelashes roots, “You will mascara applied to the eyelids, people think you are in a speeding car mascara.” After brushing the eyelashes with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover excess eyelashes Erase the paste.

The above is the wrong way to use mascara. When applying mascara, use the correct makeup method to make up, so that you can get a better cosmetic results. Makeup is not difficult, learn more about some ways and methods, your makeup can become more perfect, more beautiful.


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