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What Are 3D Mink Eyelashes?

People often have 3D mink eyelashes hanging on their mouths, so what exactly is a 3D mink eyelash

Compared with other types of eyelashes, 3D mink eyelashes are purely handmade. The material is made of mink hair, which is a pure natural black protein. It looks very natural when worn, and the hair of the mink eyelashes is not the same. It looks very 3D, so it is called 3D mink eyelashes. This kind of eyelashes is our best eyelashes at present, and the cost is the most expensive.

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The 3D mink eyelashes we make range from 4-8 layers, they look thicker and fuller, and they have a 3D effect. It makes our customers feel like they are addicted after putting them on! There are many types of eyelashes, and the effects of different styles are different, some are more natural and some are more charming. If you compare our lashes with cheap lashes, I believe you will definitely not use cheap mink lashes again. Please do n’t tell me: “There is a market for cheap mink eyelashes.” The market will always shift. Do n’t wait until all customers have moved to high-end eyelashes before you start to think about promoting high-quality eyelashes?

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There are more than 100 styles of mink eyelashes, and we are constantly designing new styles. We design eyelashes from natural to open, all the way to more dramatic eyelashes. Recently we also designed 10 large eyelashes and eyelashes. The length of 25mm is very popular in the market! If you are looking for more dramatic look lashes, then you will like our mink lashes, it looks very full, as a production supplier, we very much hope to bring you more style choices. Create an eye style everyday dress for your customers! Different styles make you feel different every day.

Our mink eyelashes are very durable, we recommend that you wear them 20-25 times, and you can wash them with water after they are dirty during use, and then use the hair dryer to dry them again. The 3D effect is still very good!

Start your 3D mink eyelash brand business!

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