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Why Can Our Mink Eyelashes Be Reused Many Times?

Why can our mink eyelashes be reused many times?

Calvin lashes Manufacturer new desgin 25mm Mink Lashes 25mm Siberian Mink Strip Lashes is very hot sell in USA, We are a honest Luxury mink strip lash Vendors, We Wholesale bulk mink lashes Cheap and Gorgeous Mink Eyelash Quality, We also accept the custom mink lashes wholesale,COACH mink Eyelash manufacturer which established in 2009. We are not only a Best Eyelash Manufactufer but also is a Best 25mm Mink Eyelash Vendors

3D Mink Lashes 3D16

3D mink lashes 

As a professional eyelash vendors, the quality of eyelashes is placed in the first position, our company adheres to the principle of quality first, in the cause of eyelashes in rapid development, if a company’s quality is not guaranteed, how can we go far in the cause of eyelashes. Cheap low quality eyelashes in the early stage will indeed be better than expensive high-quality eyelashes to sell some, but after time, will find that cheap quality is difficult to guarantee, only high-quality eyelashes can let customers like your products more. You can think about it, cheap eyelash to take one or two will not be able to use, high quality eyelashes though expensive to buy, but you can use a lot of times, on average will be found, or the high quality of eyelash more appropriate, every time the use of lower cost, use will be more worry, wool or deformation will not happen

Wholesale mink eyelashes

Choose the eyelash suppliers, looking for best eyelash suppliers have their own factories eyelash, which reduces the middlemen profit from the middle, so as to increase the cost of buying eyelash, have their own eyelash factory company like us, can guarantee the quality and quantity of eyelash, our own production of products has a strict supervision on the quality, and also have our own advantage in supply, there will not be without goods, it is a good choice for customers

25mm Siberian Mink Lashes DH002

25mm mink lashes

Our company’s mink eyelash come from Siberia, but you don’t worry, all our eyelash are zero cruel, are all small animals naturally off hair, animal will change garments according to the hair removal, workers put the collected MAO, disinfection, rinse, then one of pure manual make eyelash, so the quality of our eyelash is very reliable, our eyelash can be repeated use 15 to 20 times, but some customer feedback with us, she repeated use of 25 to 30 times are no problem, you can see our eyelash is very good, Choosing a good product is also crucial to your eyelash business.

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